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MiBella DermaStudio permanent makeup in Lakeland, FL

Permanent MakeUp (PMU)


All of our permanent makeup procedures are developed through a two to three session process which includes:

1. A free Consultation to ensure suitability for the procedure, and to express your desires.  The procedure can proceed immediately thereafter if a reservation has been made.

2. The procedure itself

3. Perfecting session (if desired)



Microblading is a tattoo/permanent cosmetic technique that uses a handtool to deposit pigments on the derma layer of the skin via micro cuts.

Ombré/Powder Eyebrows Machine Shading


Ombré/Powder Machine Shading enhances your natural brows. It results in fuller, smoother brows and range from soft natural look, to a bold makeup, whichever you prefer.

Lip Contouring & Shading


Permanent MakeUp technique designed to define, enhance or correct the lips’ shape and color and give them a fuller appearance.  It includes lips liner and shading, both by machine technique.


$200  Upper or Lower

$300  Upper and Lower

Permanent eyeliner is a permanent makeup technique that uses a machine to deposit pigments in the dermal layer of the skin, to enhance the contour of the upper or lower eye, creating lines or baby lines.

Perfecting Session


6-8 week follow-up to any of the above to ensure perfect color and coverage.

PMU Services


PMU Maintenance MB or Hybrid (<12 months).


Color refreshment for any  Permanent MakeUp procedures. 10% off the current price of the procedure if booking  within 12 months after your procedure with us. 

Permanent Makeup Color Correction


Color correction of previous permanent makeup (eyebrows, lips and eyeliner).  The number of sessions needed will be discussed during the consultation session.

Permanent Makeup Color Lifting


Pigment removal with saline solution.  The maximum amount of pigment lifted from the skin, varies from person to person.  The number of sessions needed to achieve the best possible outcome varies and will be discussed during the consultation session.

Facial Services


Customized Facials $70/$85 for 60/90 minutes

For all genders, ages an skin type/Conditions.  Consultation and skin analysis are included in order to assess and address the needs of each client through customized protocols with the specific professional skin care line, techniques and devices required on each case.  All facials include deep cleansing, mechanical and chemical exfoliation, extractions, calming mask and lymphatic drainage, nourishing mask, moisturizer and SPF protection.  Add feet/hands mini-facial or CBD oil lips nano-infusion for and even more luxurious and relaxing experience. 


$80  Beard facial

$70  Back facial

Specialty Facials

$150   Hyaluronic Acid Nano-Infusion

$120   Diamond Microdermabrasion

$110   CBD Nano-Infusion

Eyebrows and Lashes

Lash Extensions

$40  Lash extensions - partial set or fill

$75  Lash extensions- full (classic)

Lash Lifting

$75   Perm and Lift

$80   Keratin Lift

$20   Color, shape and tint

Eyebrow Shaping and Coloring

$15  Shaping

$15  Tinting 

$25  Henna eyebrows

Skin Treatments

The benefits of Dermaplaning

These skin treatments are formulated to address existing skin conditions that are causing mild to moderate impact in the skin health and appearance.

(note: treatments can be added for additional charge)

Dermaplaning  (mechanical peeling)

$85  Customized with RGenering Mask- linseed, aloe-vera and seaweed extract with soothing and emollient effect (recommended after exfoliating treatment)

Hyal complex ampoule 

Micro-needling & LED Treatment  Collagen induction therapy (Micro-needling) and LED therapy with Casmara Re6Tense Mask and and Hyal complex ampoule resulting in firm and supple skin.

$220  Face

$150  Scalp

$125  Stretch Marks

Series of 3 of the above for 15% off

Series of 6 of the above for 25% off

Cancellation Policy

We ask that you give us 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment.

MiBella DermaStudio

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